CEXCO (M) Sdn Bhd provides services for the conceptualization, design, and installation of exhibitions for event management to customers in Malaysia.

CEXCO is committed to the protection of the environment, and to providing a safe and healthy workplace in order to prevent injury and ill health to those working on our behalf that is appropriate to the purpose, size, and context of CEXCO and the type of OHS risk and OHS opportunities that existed in CEXCO. We realize that our work activities may create risks to the environment and health and safety hazards and risks to our workers, suppliers, and contractors including those resulting from physical, chemical, physiological, and other hazards created both in the workplace and in the vicinity of the workplace.

It is our intent to identify those work-related activities and services that have the potential to create hazards and risks to the safety and health of our workers, contractors, and external providers. Controls or other methods shall be determined to eliminate the hazards where practicable or minimized the impacts and OHS risks. CEXCO shall set objectives and targets with the intent of continually improving our safety, health, and environmental and QESH management system performance.

CEXCO is committed to complying with relevant safety, health, and environmental legal requirements and to other requirements to which we may subscribe.

We will work together with our workers, suppliers, and contractors, as necessary, to make them aware of their obligations to health and safety, implement and maintain our QESH management system and make our policy available to our interested parties.

CEXCO is committed to conducting consultation and participation with our workers in occupational safety and health issues.

CEXCO also shall consider all views from its workers, individuals, communities that are affected by CEXCO’s activities, and other interested parties.

CEXCO’s management will periodically review our policy in order to improve the safety and health of the public and our workers, contractors, and suppliers.